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:star: Hello and welcome to the 2012 Halloween MURO contest! :star:

The rules are quite simple: Draw something dealing with Halloween - we will accept entries that aren't coloured, but please make your lineart(s) visible for the judges to review. All entries must be made using the deviantART MURO program. You are not to edit your entries in Paint, Photoshop, SAI, or any outside existing program...this also means you CAN NOT use the import button in MURO (copyright text-editing IS allowed, because we know how important it is to keep your work safe from thieves). Any work suspected to be rendered outside of MURO will be declined. Please remember, all entries
must meet deviantART codes; if something's explicit or hateful towards any given deviant, the entry will be declined and reported to HQ.

How to enter
Once you have an entry to post, submit it to the "2012 Halloween event" folder - the deadline to enter our contest is October 30th, so you have plenty of time to come up with a drawing. You are not allowed to submit more than one MURO to the contest folder. If you're not satisfied with your current entry, you can always withdraw and remake another deviation to submit. If we don't get more than 10 submissions, the contest will be cancelled...simple as that.

Don't plan to participate? Then we have the job for you! We're currently looking for six judges who'll help us in voting for our final contestants! We'll have more information on this once we get our judges and depending on the amount of contestants.

1st place: 100 dA points / 1 dA-MURO 480x425 Fully coloured
2nd place: 50 dA points / 1 dA-MURO 480x425 1/2 coloured
3rd place: 25 dA points / 1 dA-MURO 480x425 sketched

[Winners get to choose what they want drawn under the realism category]

If others want to donate points or other prizes towards the contest, personally note me and we'll edit the journal. All dA-MURO's will be drawn by me (Que-ink) around Mid-November, so please wait a bit for your requests. If you have questions about the contest, feel free to ask! There's always a chance I forgot to write something down, so please notify me if there's something wrong!

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October 8, 2012


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